Christmas came Christmas,

Children’s mind

Santa Claus will bring new toys

The sound of the sound, Annie Come,

Come on, come Johnny, come John,

Jesus is the day of this memorial,

This is a love day for children merry christmas 🙂🙂


I’m sending the card,

I’m sending no flowers

Only you with true heart

Christmas and New Year

I’m sending greetings.

merry Christmas 🙂🙂


Aya Santa Aya Leke Khasia Amar

Gifts for children and lots of love

Be happy with all happiness

Congratulations to you Christmas festival 🙂🙂


Angel will come

All hope is yours

Will complete

On this auspicious day of Christmas

Gifts will be given to the chef.

Merry Christmas 🙂🙂


Holy Feast of the Lord Jesus

Congratulations to all of you Christmas,

The Holy Way of God,

Follow them forever,

He always has his hands on the heads of his slaves,

Merry Christmas 🙂🙂


What do you want to ask for,

Always be happy, your way,

Laughter is something in your face like this,

The way the fragrance plays with flowers! Christmas greetings

Merry Chirstmas 🙂🙂


This lovely festival of Christmas, in life,

Lots of happiness came, Santa Clause came to you,

Best of us accept! ,

Merry Christmas 🙂🙂


Rab brought such christmas repeatedly,

At the Christmas party, four moons,

Get to Santa Claus every day,

And every day you get new touches!

Happy Christmas 🙂🙂